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Yiheng Dang
Position: Senior Partner
Office location:Ningbo

1987 graduated from law school of Peking University, LLB
1990 graduated from law school of Peking University, LLM in civil and commercial law
2005 graduated from University of Missouri, Kansas City, LLM

Working Experiences
1990 office director of law school of Ningbo University
1993-1994 director of law department of the Petroleum and Chemical Products exchange of Ningbo Bonded zone, meanwhile, part-time lawyer of Zhejiang Ningxing Law Firm
1995 founding partner of Zhejiang Jonson Law Firm (now Dacheng Law Firm, Ningbo Office)

1993 Chinese lawyers License
1998 senior lawyer
1999 qualified lawyer of major state construction projects bidding

Practice Areas
Mr. Dang has lots of experience in corporate law, enterprise merging, contract law, futures law, international trade law, financial law, building and real estate law, intellectual property law, international investment law etc., and has own expert understanding of legal consult service mode for enterprises which is well used in all enterprises.
Mr. Dang taught international trade law, general agreement on tariffs and trade and economic law etc courses in Ningbo University, and keep long focus and deep study on anti-dumping and anti-subsidy.

Working Language
Chinese and English

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Social Activities
Vice chairman of Zhejiang Bar Association
Vice chairman of Ningbo Bar Association
Arbitrator of Ningbo Arbitration Commission
Director of Professional Guidance Commission of Ningbo Bar Association
Guest professor of Law School of Ningbo University
Councilman of Ningbo Law Society
Member of Ningbo Nongovernmental WTO Consultancy