The combination between Dentons and 大成 is now effective. For information on the firm's global capabilities please visit As a courtesy to clients and others seeking information on the Firm's capabilities in China this website will remain public for several months.


Name Gender Office
Afeng Jing Female Xi`an
Aijun Li Male Changzhou
Anding Cao Male Nanchang
Ang Cai Male Shenzhen
Anhong Xie Male Chengdu
Anli Zou Female Nanjing
Anmin Lin Male Fuzhou
Ao Jia Male
Ao Wang Female Shanghai
Baicheng Wang Male Changchun
Bao Su Female Guangzhou
Baohua Hu Male Hefei
Baolin Wu Male Shenyang
Baoling Zhu Female Tianjin
Baomin Wang Female Xiamen
Baoping He Male Zhengzhou
Baoxiang Jin Male Ningbo
Baoxuan Wang Male Shanghai